Peter Hook’s fusion of dance and classical music has won rave reviews, now he’s bringing Hacienda Classical to the Hydro

Peter Hook has seen and done it all – but he can’t quite believe what he’s created with the Hacienda Classical concept.

THE incredible spectacle has won rave reviews – dance star Judge Jules said the London show was one of the best nights of his life – and its is set to wow Scottish fans for the first time at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro.

Hooky told 7Nights: “People know this music and have done for years but have never seen it performed

“This performance electrifies people, especially done so well by the choir, the singers, the orchestra.

The joy on people’s faces is incredible. For a dyed in the wool rocker and club goer like me to venture into another world and marry classical with dance is just amazing.

“I watched Pete Tong. Graeme Park has done it in a very different way, it’s more underground, it’s seductive. It starts pretty straight then goes very orchestral.

“It leads into the orchestra so beautifully, then when they take over for the last three quarters of the show, it is a triumph.