As Hacienda’s New Years Eve party brings together many of the club’s residents, Tom Wainwright turns in a sixty minute mix dedicated to the style & grooves that sprang from his Nineties Saturday night residency at FAC 51 with Graeme Park.

Snatching some lesser known tracks & alternate mixes from artists such as Blake Baxter, Kathy Sledge, Murk Records’ Liberty City, Joe Roberts & more, Tom’s mix blends the disco edged and US club garage and house that put the sound to his time at the original club.

Tom joins Graeme Park, Greg Wilson, Jon Dasilva, Chad Jackson & Hewan Clarke for The Hacienda’s NYE Party at a Central Manchester warehouse location, a stone’s throw from the original club.



Tom Wainwright’s Hacienda NYE Mix Tracklisting

1 – Blake Baxter – One More Time

2 – Fifth Circuit – Sexy Movemaker

3 – Black Sheep – Strobelite Honey

4 – Donnie Mark – Stand Up for The Soul

5 – Kathy Sledge – Heart (Hardheart Mix)

6 – Liberty City – Some Lovin’

7 – Coco, Steel & Lovebomb – Feel It

8 – Nicole – Runnin’ Away (Smoove House Mix)

9 – Mone – We Can Make It (The “I Believe” Dub)

10 – Joe Roberts – Back In My Life (Classic Mix)

11 – 33 1/3 Queen – Searchin’

12 – M1 – Feel the Drums

13 – People Underground – Music Is Pumping (Zack Toms Mix)