Spin Inn, Eastern Bloc, The Mix Factory, Da Intalex…just some of the Manchester musical institutions and outfits that Mark XTC has been involved within his now twenty five year career across records shops, clubs and early rave culture.

Playing across hip hop, classic house and also well known as a proponent of Drum and Bass / Jungle throughout his career Mark is a hugely versatile DJ and his Haçienda Tribute mix sees him take to three decks and CD-J’s in putting it together.

Showcasing the skills throughout, taking accapellas, additional beats and put his own spins on the format, “Always There” and “Dirty Cash” knock out over classics such as Jam The Dance from the outset. A tribute to the recently passed Mark Bell with an airing of “LFO” as Mark throws in the better known tunes such as “Voodoo Ray”, “Promised Land” against US underground such as Corina’s “Temptation”

With extended mixing a feature of the mix, and Mark laying his own markers, scratching in and out, from “French Kiss”, “Higher States Of Consciousness” and the Sasha remix of Better Days, Mark expertly blends the tracks in a set that pulls no punches.

The rarely heard dub of My Friend Sam featuring Viola Willis kicks off the final section of the mix as B Sides Volume II, ”Casanova” and “The Shaker Song” all come together as rare hip hop cut The Doc’s “Portrait Of A Masterpiece” and an untouched “Strings Of Life” bring Mark’s exhilarating hour to a close.




01. Asmo – Jam the dance
02. Stevie V – Dirty cash
03. LFO – LFO
04. Robin S – Show me love
05. Bob Marley & Funk Deluxe – Sun is shining
06. Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
07. Corina – Temptation
08. Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman
09. Inner City – Big Fun
10. Joe Smooth – Promise Land
11. Lil Louie – French Kiss
12. Alison Limerick – Where love lives
13. Jimi Polo – Better Days (Sasha Remix)
14. Josh Wink – Higher state of consciousness
15. My Friend Sam – It’s My Pleasure
16. B Sides – Vol II
17. Jazz and the bros grimm – Casanova
18. Playtime toons – Shaker song
19. The Doc – Portrait of a masterpiece
20. Rhythm is Rhythm – Strings of life