From DEADHEADUK, Kevin Geraghty-Shewan’s Website. Original Article here.

Looking back it seems an odd venue for a member of the E Street band to be playing but there you go – I think I thought that at the time as well! I’m not sure if I went of my own accord or if I was talked into it by one of my housemates – I seem to recall that I had the album Men without women so maybe I did!”

Other than that I don’t remember much about it – I seem to recall it wasn’t as bad as the New Order gig I went to at the same venue but it was still an awful place to see a band!

Setist from a few days earlier!

Rock & Roll Rebel
Lyin’ in a Bed of Fire
Save Me
Inside of Me
Princess of Little Italy
Under the Gun
Until the Good Is Gone
Angel Eyes
I Played the Fool
I Don’t Want to Go Home
This Time It’s for Real
Take It Inside
Can I Get a Witness

Here’s a recording of a show a few days earlier in Utrecht