FAC51 The Haçienda

Originally conceived, founded and financed by, Factory Records, FAC51 The Haçienda opened its doors on May 21st 1982 with its catalogue number, pioneering interior designed by architect Ben Kelly and graphics by Peter Saville.All of these forces and more combined turning The Haçienda into where is widely recognised as the birthplace of Acid House and responsible for shaping the face of UK club culture as it has since been known.

Through a chain of events that no one could have imagined, the ex-boat showroom on Whitworth Street West, Manchester that became The Haçienda and the scene it gave birth to, went on to have one of the biggest impacts on youth culture since the punk movement and is one that is still reverberating today.Through the combination of legendary nights and DJ’s it changed clubbing from simply a night out to an intense experience. It was the heady mixture of new music, new ideas,cutting edge design and even new designer drugs that pushed the venue into overdrive and inspired DJ’s from Sasha to The Chemical Brothers to Laurent Garnier.

“The Haçienda shone like a beacon rewriting the rulebook of what a clubbing experience was all about and inspired hundreds of thousands”.

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