Saturday 9th – Cream

Monday 20th – Hopper; Flinch

Wednesday 27th – Elastica

Mon 22nd – Thirteenth Birthday Party

Weds 24th – Phenomenon One – Grooverider, Roni Size, Bryan Gee, Nicky Blackmarket

Thursday 30th – The Fall

Tuesday 20th – Raymond & Martha (a play: ‘a world of pulp serialkiller literature’) Pete Robinson; Dave Rofe

Saturday 1st – Graeme Park

Tuesday 4th – Str8-Up

Saturday 8th – Graeme Park

Saturday 15th – Graeme Park

Tuesday 18th – Leaky Fresh; Semtex; Hewan Clarke

Friday 21st – SUNSHINE! Todd Terry; Jon DaSilva

Monday 24th – FACTORY TOO SHOWCASE East West Coast; The Orch; Italian Love Party; K-Track

Friday 28th – SUNSHINE! Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk; Barbara Tucker

Monday 31st – Tom Wainwright; Bobby Langley (plus Carry On Down the Canal: a boat trip)

Friday 4th – Digit; Max Mistry

Friday 11th – SUNSHINE! Dave Seaman

Thursday 17th – DOMINA Andrew Weatherall; Matt Thompson; Pete Robinson

Friday 25th – SUNSHINE! Victor Simonelli; CeCe Rogers

Monday 28th – HAÇIENDA CLASSICS Jon DaSilva; Nipper & Roy Baxter; Guru Josh

Friday 1st – ULTIMATUM RECORDS RELEASE PARTY Carl Cox; Laurent Garnier; Eric Powell; Daz Sound;
Trevor Rockcliffe

Sunday 3rd – DODGY: ‘The National Band Register Throws a Chocolate Grenade’ Arch Stanton; FTV; J. Fisher; Defacto; The Colour Wheel; the Free Agents

Monday 4th – THE IMMORTAL SHOWCASE: 5th Man Manchester Records Launch Party Toni DiBart;
Love to Infinity; Sam Mollinson; Up Yer Ronson; New Industries; Gabrielle’s Wish; Bad Man
Wagon; Kill Laura; Pete Mitchell

Tuesday 5th – Danny Rampling; Graeme Park; Dave Clarke; Nick Warren; James Lavelle; Paul Bleasdale; Kris Needs; Richard Fearless; James Barton

Friday 8th – DJ Digit, Buck; Ra Soul; Max Mistry; Neon Leon

Saturday 9th – Bobby Langley

Thursday 14th – Jean Daniel; Eric Powell

Weds 27th – Disobey

Weds 6th – Fryin’ The Fat. Celebrating the launch of the new shop & the Fat City debut album.

Sunday 31st – New Years Eve : Todd Terry, Graeme Park, Tom Wainwright, Bobby Langley, Dick Johnson, Jason Bye, Stuart B.