1992 saw a shift and change in the scene as acid house and Madchester sounds gave way to more rave orientated flavours but in many ways as The Haçienda approached its tenth anniversary, the highlight of the clubbing year in the UK, it was somewhat renewed by the attention May’s three day event brought about

Featuring a fashion show by designers including Vivienne Westwood and Jonathan Richmond, live gig by Pet Shop Boys and one of The Haçiendas best ever nights with Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Graeme and Mike the tenth birthday celebrations provided one of the enduring highlights of the year.

Nevertheless gang problems continued to plaque the club and as Factory Records collapsed later in the year, situations regarding its and the clubs affairs became more frantic again, becoming remisncent of the early years in many ways.

With guest DJs now the norm to attract crowds, The Hacienda increasingly looked to bring in guests DJs with increasingly regular appearances from the United States’ and United Kingdom’s best jocks while a new funk night was attempted on Wednesdays and the club also began to feature memorable showcases for Rob Gretton’s label for emerging Manchester talent, Robs Records.

Friday 3rd – SHINE! Mike Pickering; Russ; plus guests

Saturday 4th – Graeme Park; Tom Wainwright

Thursday 9th – BEAUTIFUL 2000 Dave Haslam; Jason Boardman

Wednesday 29th – FLESH ‘QUEERSEXY’ Tim; Luke Howerd; PA by MC Kinky

Wednesday 4th – ROBS RECORDS PARTY ACR; Anambi Jon DaSilva; Andy Robinson; Dave Rofe; Peter Robinson

Friday 6th – SHINE! David Morales; Mike Pickering; Russ

Friday 13th – Sasha

Wednesday 18th – FUNK WITH A SHORT FUSE Chapter & The Verse; Dean; Peter

Thursday 19th – LAST OF BEAUTIFUL 2000

Friday 20th – Sasha

Wednesday 25th – FLESH Tim; Luke Howerd PA by Daryl Pandy; fashion show by Billy of Emporium

Friday 27th – Sasha

Saturday 28th – Graeme Park

Wednesday 1st – APRIL FUSE DAY Dean; Peter; Norman Jay

Friday 3rd – SHINE! Sasha; Mike Pickering

Friday 10th – Mike Pickering; Sasha

Sunday 12th – Sasha; Altern 8

Friday 17th – Mike Pickering; Sasha

Monday 20th – BANK HOLIDAY FLESH Tim; Luke Howerd; Kinky Gerlinky

Friday 24th – Mike Pickering; Sasha

Wednesday 29th – FLESH WITH LOVE FROM LIVERPOOL PAs by Liverpool’s ‘8’ Records; Coloursex; Whole New Dream; Connie Lush; Jane Casey Tim; Luke Howerd; Princess Julia

Monday 4th – TEN: THE FASHION Tom Wainwright; fashion shows by Michiko Koshino; Vivienne Westwood; John Richmond; Body Map

Wednesday 6th – FUSE Don-E Dean; Peter

Friday 8th – SHINE! Sasha; Mike Pickering

Wednesday 13th – Pet Shop Boys; Derek Jarman; Cicero, Sasha

Thursday 21st – TENTH BIRTHDAY PARTY Mike Pickering; Graeme Park; David Morales; Frankie Knuckles

Friday 22nd – BIRTHDAY SHINE! Mike Pickering; Russ; Frankie Knuckles

Saturday 23rd – Graeme Park; Tom Wainwright; David Morales

Wednesday 27th – Tom Wainwright

Friday 26th – SHINE! D-Influence, Sasha; Russ

Saturday 8th – Graeme Park

Saturday 22nd – Graeme Park

Friday 28th – SHINE! Mike Pickering; Russ; David Morales

Friday 11th – SHINE! Tyrrel Corporation; Mike Pickering; Russ

Monday 14th – FANTAZIA COMES TO THE HAÇIENDA (part of the In the City music convention)

Wednesday 29th – FLESH Tracey & Sharon, Tim Lennox, Matt Ryan, Kath, Paulette & Luke

Saturday 7th – Graeme Park

Friday 13th – SHINE! Daniele Davoli; Mike Pickering; Russ

Monday 23rd – Factory Communications Limited goes into receivership