As the year began although The Haçienda was still besieged by difficulties, it received some good news early in the year at the much anticipated licence hearing on 3rd January. The magistrates had noted “a positive change in direction” and renewed the club licensing praising its steps to bring in a membership scheme and improve controls on the door.

The Haçienda celebrated with Thanksgiving a week later on Wednesday 9th January which saw Mike Graeme and Jon Dasilva DJ with a live gig by Electronic. This and the first Nude on Saturday 12 January passed without incident but the following Saturday 19th January a doorman was threatened with a gun due to the new membership scheme. The decision was taken to close The Haçienda.

At a press conference Wednesday 23rd January, Tony Wilson announced “It is with the greatest reluctance that for the moment we are turning out the lights on what, for us is a most important place.

“We are forced into taking this drastic action in order to protect our employees, our members and all of our clients. We are quite simply sick and tired of dealing with instances of personal violence.

“We hope and we must believe we can reopen The Haçienda in a better climate. But until we are able to run the club in a safe manner, and in a way that the owners believe with guarantee The Haçienda at the heart of the city’s youth community, it is with great sadness that we will shut our club.”

Although similar incidents were becoming common across Manchester nightclubs including incidents at The Wiggly Worm and Konspiracy, The Haçienda’s profile made it all the more newsworthy and it was to remain closed until 10th May 1991, reopening with a two day event “The Healing”.

A new line up of nights accompanied the reopening. Thursdays saw Dave Haslam return with Beautiful 2000, the successor to Temperance Club, Friday became Shine with Mike Pickering and guests with Graeme Park and Tom Wainwright taking charge of what was to be known as “squiggle” on Saturday night due to its logo.

Yet once again trouble was not far away, and Saturday 22nd June saw 200 police officers corden off Whitworth Street West after incidents at the club.

However the nightclub side of the business though affected continued to pull in some good guests and excellent nights.  Live gigs over the summer included Primal Scream and Inspiral Carpets and September saw Harmony, a seminal night with Sasha, Nipper and Justin Robertson with PA’s from PKA, Together and Evolution.

Towards the end of the year Flesh started at the club beginning its journey as one of the 90’s trailblazing LGBT clubs and Sasha began a monthy residency at the club which was also featuring some disco guests with visits from Sister Sledge and Odyssey.

Thursday 3rd – TEMPERANCE CLUB Tim Chambers

Friday 4th – THE MIX Dave Booth

Saturday 5th – NUDE Graeme Park; Mike Pickering

Wednesday 9th – THANKSGIVING: CELEBRATING SIXTHMONTH REPRIEVE Graeme Park; Mike Pickering; Jon DaSilva; Electronic

Thursday 10th – TEMPERANCE CLUB Tim Chambers

Friday 11th – THE MIX Dave Booth

Saturday 12th – NUDE Graeme Park; Mike Pickering

Monday 14th – DMC Mixing Championship Heat

Thursday 17th – TEMPERANCE CLUB Tim Chambers

Friday 18th – THE MIX Dave Booth

Saturday 19th – NUDE Mike Pickering; Graeme Park

Thursday 24th – TEMPERANCE CLUB Tim Chambers

Friday 25th – THE MIX Dave Booth

Saturday 26th – NUDE

Wednesday 30th – Violence forces The Haçienda to close its doors

Wednesday 17th – New Order/Joy Division producer Martin Hannett dies


Saturday 11th – Graeme Park

Tuesday 14th – New Fast Automatic Daffodils; What?; Noise

Thursday 16th – BEAUTIFUL 2000 Dave Haslam

Friday 17th – SHINE! Mike Pickering; Sasha


Friday 7th – SHINE!

Wednesday 12th – Cabaret Voltaire; Sub Sub; Amok; Winston & Parrot; Dave Haslam (cancelled)

Friday 21st – MIDSUMMER NIGHT SHINE! Mike Pickering

Saturday 8th – Graeme Park

Thursday 22nd – BEAUTIFUL 2000 World of Twist; Dave Haslam

Thursday 29th – BEAUTIFUL 2000 Intastella; Dave Haslam


Wednesday 4th – Inspiral Carpets; the Bridewell Taxis

Thursday 5th – BEAUTIFUL 2000

Wednesday 25th – HARMONY Sasha; Nipper; Justin Robertson; PA by PKA/ Together/ Evolution

Tuesday 3rd – Venus Returning

Wednesday 4th – Sasha; PA by Altern-8

Saturday 14th – Graeme Park

Tuesday 17th – Northside ; The Real People

Monday 23rd – FLESH: ‘QUEER CHRISTMAS’ The Amazing Pippa

Tuesday 24th – CHRISTMAS EVE PARTY Odyssey; John McCready

Tuesday 31st – NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY PA by K-Klass