Regular nights include: Void on Wednesdays with Jon Dasilva and Mike Pickering. Temperance Club on Thursdays with Dave Haslam. Fridays are Nude with Graeme Park and Mike Pickering, Saturdays with Nick Arrojo and Laurent Garnier

Despite the difficulties between The Haçienda and Greater Manchester police emanating from Claire Leighton’s death in July 1989, the club continued on in 1990 with its similar run of nights Wednesday to Saturday but increasingly began to bring in guest DJ’s such as Musto and Bones and Paul Oakenfold, a shape of the DJ Culture to come.

With the Madchester hype alive and kicking bands such as Northside, Paris Angels and the New Fast Automatic Daffodils became live staples at the club, taking advantage of their committed local fanbases.

February saw a second trip to La Locomotive Paris by Temperance Club, this time featuring James, NFAD’s and Paris Angels and aside from the main nights some live acts booked by the club in early 1990 included The Fall, The Beloved, Guru Josh, The Farm, Adamski, The Mock Turtles and more in the run up to May’s Eight Birthday Party.

June saw The Haçienda go Transatlantic with the United States Of Haçienda tour featuring clubs resident DJs and other Manchester artists ending up at New York’s Sound Factory in mid July with Deee-Lite live.

Nevertheless the club and its personnel were best by problems involving the licence and Manchester’s police and local authorities. A licence review schedule for May was moved to July and then to January 1991 as the club and its legal counsel George Carmen endeavoured to keep it open.

The Hacienda also undertook as direct communications campaign to its clientele, updating it on the license situation and issuing a series of comuniques aimed as discouraging drug use at the club.

With all this hanging over FAC51, it would be difficult to describe the outlook as sunny or optimistic in 1990 but there was still a change over of nights in October as Nude moved to Saturday, Mancunian DJ mainstay Dave Booth began The Mix on Fridays, Tim Chambers took over Temperance Club on Thursdays with a new night Shiva occupying Wednesdays.

Live guests towards the end of the year remained strong including an early appearance by Blur, a return from the Shamen and the likes of Bass-O-Matic and The High visiting.

The increased attention and difficulties caused by the battle over the licence meant that as 1990 ended a rightful sense of trepidation surrounded the affairs of the club, not least as gang affairs in Manchester had begun to affect the dancefloor.

Saturday 27th – Wide with Guest Dj’s Tommy Musto and Frankie Bones

Saturday 3rd – Guest Paul Oakenfold

Monday 5th – Northside with The Paris Angels & The Spinmasters

Wednesday 21st – Coach trip to The Locomotive Paris to see New Fast Automatic Daffodils & The Paris Angels

Thursday 22nd – James at The Locomotive Paris

Tuesday 27th – Staff Party at The Green Room with Revenge & Guest DJ Steve Williams

Monday 5th – The Beloved

Tuesday 6th – The Fall

Monday 12th – Paris Angels, Weaveworld & Justin Robertson

Wednesday 21st – Void with Guru Josh

Monday 2nd – Dub Sex

Monday 9th – The Farm

Tuesday 10th – Jimmy Somerville

Monday 16th – Adamski

Monday 23rd – The Mock Turtles

Monday 14th – New Fast Automatic Daffodils

Thursday 17th – Greater Manchester Police inform the club of their intention to revoke the Haçiendas licence.

Monday 21st – 8th Birthday Party

The United States of the Haçienda arrives in New York.

Monday 23rd – Licence revocation hearing is adjourned.

Saturday 28th – Nick Arrojo’s final night

Friday 5th – The Mix with Dave Booth

Saturday – Nude moves from Friday to Saturday with Graeme and Mike, plus the introduction of a dress code in an attempt to move the gangs out. No Trainers and no Shellsuits.

Thursday 11th – Last Temperance Club with Dave Haslam

Thursday 16th – Classics in Motion, launch night for Factory’s classical label.

Wednesday 17th – Shiva with Mr Monday

Thursday 18th – Temperance Club with Tim Chambers

Monday 22nd – Plenty & The Sandmen

Monday 29th – The High


Monday 5th – Synergy with The Shamen

Friday 9th – The Mix – Bassomatic

Monday 12th – Blur

Monday 19th – Bridewell Taxis

Monday 26th – Cud and The Popinjays

Monday 3rd – The High

Friday 14th – Deconstruction Records with N-Joi

Monday 17th – New Fast Automatic Daffodils

Monday 24th – Christmas Eve with Mike Pickering

Monday 31st – New Years Eve with Mike Pickering and Graeme Park.