With New Order away in Ibiza recording “Technique”, the band album that was to set the scene for acid house’s “Fine Time” later that year, back at The Haçienda homestead things were seen to be developing nicely although without the benefit of hindsight, no one could really have predicted the seminal, era defining summer which lay in store.

With regular nights at the club busy and the image of The Haçienda as an empty ish former Yacht showroom at the end of Whitworth Street was fast becoming buried as the club increasingly became one of the UK’s if not the world’s most high profile venues.

Aside from Zumbar, there were fewer live gigs than previous years as FAC51 concentrated on the emerging dance music strains which were set to take over the world. Nude with Mike Pickering and Martin Prendergast was continuing to lay down the blueprints for the scene, the diverse Wide combined funk soul and house on a Saturday and the forthcoming indie dance cross over was prefaced by the first appearances of Temperance Club with Dave Haslam at the venue.

Yet if one night continued to define The Haçienda’s eclecticism it was Zumbar’s continuing run as its cabaret and vaudeville influences mixed comedy, fashion. LGBT+ chic and some cutting edge live acts in what many see as FAC51’s most artistic night of the period.

Over its six months occupying the Wednesday night Zumbar welcomed Dollar, Ruthless Rap Assassins, Kiss AMC, White Dove, Frank Sidebottom, The Amazing Orchante, Brookside’s Jimmy Corkhill, The Wee Papa Girl Rappers and ended its illumintating and influential run on 29th June.

As Spring became Summer, as acid house established it grip on both club and the imaginations of the nation’s youth, early tracks such as Sleezy D’s “I’ve Lost Control” and Phuture’s “Acid Trax” became the template for the new movement.

February’s Northern House Revue at Nude with live apparances’s from T-Coy, T-Cut and Groove, featuring Graeme Park in his first performance for the club.

With The Haçienda becoming cited in the media as the Northern pivot for what was to become termed the Second Summer Of Love, whilst Shoom and Future showcased the sounds in London, Nude welcome Kid N Play in early May in a high profile booking but it was the establishment of Hot on Wednesdays from July.

Short lived but absolutely seminal, Hot was year zero for the new movement in many ways. From there everything changed.  Jon Dasilva and Mike Pickering took charge of a balearic infused acid house night which saw striped podiums at the club for the first time and attracted a country wide crowd including Glasgow’s Slam and Liverpool’s James Baillie all of whom were later to set up their own clubs.

As Ecstacy also hit the scene, although not as widely in later years and Graeme Park who returned in August to deputise for Mike in his first holiday since 1982 described the difference as “quite amazing. There was really something exciting starting to happen.”

Meanwhile Mike observed “When Ecstacy hit it was like a Mexican wave that swept through the club over a three week period. I could just stop a record and put my hands in the air, and the place would erupt. The whole club would explode.”

Hot would run for just the summer but has passed into legend. A few events to the end of the year saw the infamous Victoria Baths party in November and the last Hot in December but the influence of the night would remain over FAC51 for many years.

With all this activity at the club, New Order had long decamped from Ibiza to Real World Studios in Bath (itself the scene of a legendary out of town Haçienda event in the summer) and finished Technique which was released in the Autumn to widespread acclaim as the harbinger of the new scene.

Fall also saw the Peter Hook produced “Elephant Stone” by The Stone Rose and “Bummed” by Happy Mondays released as Manchester’s bands continued their ascent across the world.

New Order and The Mondays were to combine with ACR for the now legendary 17th December G-Mex concert and the equally legendary Disorder after party at the club where Creation’s Alan McGee became a dance music convert overnight.

After a great year for The Haçienda, the Christmas nights were exceptional and as Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, Jon Dasilva and Dave Haslam brought in New Year, The Haçienda’s standing had never been higher.

Friday 1st – Nude Years Day with MP2

Saturday 2nd – Wide with Dean & Hedd

Thursday 7th – Temperance Club with DJ Hedd

Wednesday 20th – Zumbar Hot Flesh with DJ Pedro and a fashion PA from James

Friday 22nd – Nude with Spoonie G

Wednesday 27th – Zumbar with Dead Marilyn

Wednesday 3rd – Zumbar with Dollar and a fashion PA by Marc Benedict

Wednesday 10th – Zumbar with Eddie Burke – Hypnotist

Wednesday 17th – Zumbar with the Ruthless Rap Assassins and Kiss AMC

Wednesday 24th – Zumbar with Oberon

Friday 26th – Nude Northern House Review with T-Coy, T-Cut-F and Groove on stage. This was Graeme Parks first appearance alongside Mike Pickering

Wednesday 2nd – Zumbar – Karaoke Night

Wednesday 9th – Zumbar with Walking Hawk and White Dove a Knife throwing act

Wednesday 16th – Zumbar with Jim White as Elvis

Monday 21st – Bhangra night with Naya Saaz on stage and DJ’s Tripple B

Wednesday 23rd – Zumbar with Mr Boxman

Wednesday 30th – Zumbar with The Amazing Orchante plus a fashion PA by Aspecto

Wednesday 6th – Zumbar with Big Ed and his Rockin Rattlesnakes

Monday 11th – Treasure Hunt Staff Outing

Wednesday 13th – Zumbar with Frank Sidebottom

Wednesday 20th – Zumbar Disco Dance Championships with Dj’s Miguel and Pedro, hosted by Mike Baldwin

Wednesday 27th – Zumbar with Boys Wonder

Monday 2nd – Nude Bank Holiday Special with Kid ‘n Play, Taurus Boyz, and Julian Jonah. Plus MP2

Wednesday 4th – Zumbar with Pope and Crocker a zen trapeze act

Wednesday 11th – Zumbar with Karry-on-Karaoke

Thursday 12th – Happy Mondays

Wednesday 18th – Zumbar with Les Budd

Saturday 21st – 6th BIrthday Haunted House Party, with a Ghost Train, projected horror films and an appearance by Dead Marilyn

Wednesday 25th – Zumbar with Rob Gray

Wednesday 1st – Zumbar with Dead Marylin

Monday 6th – Benefit Gig for North West Campaign for Lesbian and Gay Equality with the Railway Children and the Brilliant Corners

Wednesday 8th – Zumbar with Jim White as The King

Wednesday 15th – Zumbar with the Wee Papa Girl Rappers

Wednesday 22nd – Zumbar with Stevie Starr

Saturday 25th – Wide. It was on this night that the club was picketed by members of the Victory Chapel Evangelist Church. They urged people to turn away from the club and embrace a different path. Tony Wilson commented the in the MEN : ” …I’m all for anything which entertains the queue”

Wednesday 29th – The last ever Zumbar ends with Miss Zumbar 1988 – The Beauty Pageant of The Decade. All the contestants where men although this was an open to women.

Wednesday 6th – iD World Tour with Mark Moore, MC Merlin and Sarah Stockbridge

Wednesday 13th – Hot with Jon Dasilva and Mike Pickering. For many this was the night where it all started. Ice Pops, whistles and swimming cossies.

Friday 15th – Nude with Mike Pickering continued to be hammered with Jon Savage describing the night as having an atmosphere equalling a goal scored for a full four hours.

Wednesday 20th – Hot Brylcreem contest

Friday 22nd – Nude. This is the night Graeme Park becomes a regular covering for Mike.

Wednesday 27th – Hot Beach Workout

Monday 10th – Temperance Club with The Train Set

Monday 31st – Bomb The Bass, Merlin & Baby Ford

Sunday 6th – Wet at Victoria Baths

Sunday 6th – Wall of Surf screening at the Gay Traitor

Monday 14th – Temperance Club The Waltones

Monday 12th – Debris Christmas Party, The Bodines, Benny Profane & MC Buzz B

Friday 16th – Nude plus North presented by Deconstruction

Saturday 17th – Disorder A New Order Party

Wednesday 21st – “Hot the Final Party” A celebration of the summer of 1988 with Mike Pickering and Jon Dasilva

Friday 23rd – Wise Moves Seventh Annual Ball

Saturday 24th – Christmas Eve with Mike and Jon

Wednesday 28th – House Nation

Saturday 31st – New Years Eve with Graeme Park, Mike Pickering, Jon Dasilva and Dave Haslam